Multi-Tap LV Transformers are rugged, reliable, and designed to power both incandescent and LED fixtures.


Robust inrush protection to guard against nuisance tripping of breakers.


An in-line primary thermostat protects against thermal over-load. These built-in thermostats are auto-resetting, eliminating the need for replacement or maintenance.


Resin-sealed transformer - Ensures for the highest possible efficiency.

Maximum Watts

“Full Load” commons configuration - Ensures that the transformer can be loaded up to the full maximum watts, including cable length, fixtures, and cable loss.


Full transformer capacity can be loaded into any single voltage tap.


Stainless steel enclosure or powder coated finish. Limited 3 year warranty

Wiring compartment

Extra-large 125-amp terminal blocks - To accommodate up to (10) #12/2 wires.

Short circuit protection

Secondary magnetic circuit breakers provide a faster response to a fault in the system. They also provide short circuit protection as a standard feature.


Voltage taps of 12, 13, 14, and 15V. Multi-tap transformers allow greater flexibility in managing multiple wire runs by moving cables up and down the multi-range. This assures the correct voltage is being applied to the lamp creating a consistent light output and maximum lamp life.