General Purpose Transformer

Product Details

  • The Transformer Used In The Power Supply Unit Manufactured As per UL Norms.
  • Toroidal Transformer Is Used For This Model Which Delivers High Efficiency And Better Performance.
  • Transformer Will Be Potted/Sealed In An Enclosure Using Epoxy (Mixture Of Resin & Hardener) Which Ensures High Reliability And Efficiency.
  • The Enclosure Is Made Up Of Carbon Steel Material With White Colour Textured Powder Coating. Also Enclosure With Black Colour Texture Can Be Provided On Customer Requirements.
  • Block Terminal Provides The Easiest Way For The Customer To Connect The Secondary Tappings.
  • There Are Two 25 A Circuit Breakers Provided For Circuit/System Protection.

Technical Details

  • Wattage - As per the Customer Requirements
  • Frequency - 50/60 Hz
  • Pry. voltage - 120V
  • Sec... voltages – 12V
  • Insulation class – b/F, H
  • Max. regulation – 10%
  • Dielectric – 2000v, primary to secondary for 1 second.
  • Dielectric – 2000v, all windings to lamination for 1 second.