Chokes and Inductors

We manufacture 3-Ø and 1-Ø inductors based on customer specifications. We can manufacture both core type and shell type. We can manufacture up to 10 kHz inductors with steel laminations. We can make AC and DC chokes. These chokes ensure impedance matching, harmonic mitigation and di/dt. Upon this, AC reactor chokes are also very much useful in the protection from the noise and surge, transient voltages in the drives.
Our reactors helps in preventing the equipment failure and down time & can add years to the life of your drive.

  • High end design and development involved
  • Can cater any rating up to 750A
  • MOH, ZDKH cores are used according to customer specs
  • 99.98% Electrolytic copper conductors are used
  • Mechanically stable and robust
  • Can with stand vibrations
  • Low noise
  • Low magnetic leakage
  • We follow IS2026 which is a base standard.
  • We applicable International Standards
  • Used in harmonic filters
  • Used in current limiters
  • Used in high pass and low pass filters
  • Used in power factor correction
  • Used in common mode and differential mode filters
  • Used in Rectifier modules
  • Used in Servo Drives