Dry Type Isolation Transformer

We make 3-Ø and 1-Ø Dry Type Isolation transformers up to 500kVA. Voltage rating we follow are normally 415/415, which the customer can specify any voltage according to their usage. Transformers with/without enclosures are also supplied as per customer requirements.
Customer can also specify termination procedure as well. Isolation transformers can be used in all type of industries that use electrical power for which it needs electrical isolation. These transformers safeguard sensitive electronics against damage. It provides line isolation, noise filtering and search suppression for electronics in industrial and network environments.

  • CMRR > 100dB
  • Coupling Capacitance <0.01pF
  • IP 32 Enclosures.
  • Designed to with stand 125% Over Voltage and 150% overload for short durations.
  • Lifting lugs provided.
  • High quality paint used to with stand robust atmospheric conditions.
  • Class H+ Dual coated 99.98% Electrolytic Copper used for windings.
  • M4 27 CRGO laminations are used for Core.
  • Strong Base Channel is provided.
  • Glass Epoxy and Nomax 410 Insulation material are used inside.
  • We follow IS2026 which is a base standard.
  • We follow IS11171 for detailed specifications
  • Transformers are compatible to IEC 61558-1.
  • Used for CNC machines for electrical Isolation
  • Used to adopt different voltages at different countries.
  • Reduce 3rd harmonics by default.
  • Used to provide neutral where 3phase 4 wire system needed
  • Used as spike arrestor.
  • Used in UPS systems
  • Used in Medical Instruments
  • Used in Textile Equipments