Inside TPS R&D and QC

Research and Development

Our R&D Centre is a state-­of­‐the­‐art facility which caters to New Product Development & Technology needs for its Units.

At the center of the activities, TPS has highly qualified manpower and a robust infrastructure driven by a strong technology process.

Today, TPS boasts of a comprehensive product and technology portfolio that includes Power Supply units, EI & Toroidal Transformers for various applications in the Industry.

Testing and Quality Control

State of the art test equipments are a part of our infrastructure.

Testing is done on incoming material to ensure quality at every stage and at each stage of production, various quality tests are carried out before being passed on to the next stage of production.

TPS has its own practices such as continuous upgradation, preventive maintenance and periodic calibration of Test Equipments to ensure the quality of the product. The quality control department monitors all quality controls with proper documentation.

Our certifications reflect our pride in our products and practices

TÜV INTERCERT, independent Certification Body for system and product, springs from the desire to support companies and organisations in obtaining certification which guarantees attention to the quality, efficiency and safety, not only of the goods and services offered but also of the management system employed.

The National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB) undertakes assessment of Certification and Inspection Bodies applying for accreditation as per the Board's criteria in line with international standards and guidelines. The Board offers accreditation to the Certification bodies and Inspection Bodies.


We have a state of the art manufacturing and R&D facility to produce quality products and have been exporting them to major electrical companies in USA. Located in Vizag in an Special Economic Zone (SEZ), we have the edge and environment to produce quality products with the advantage of proximity to a port for logistics.

Quality Benchmarks

Our quality standards not only meet the Industry standards but also exceed customer expectations and we constantly strive to be the frontrunner in each of the products' category. We provide periodic training to our technical team on the cutting edge technologies to enhance their skill & productivity.

Service Ethics

We believe in continuous improvement and we constantly strive to excel in delivering quality products at competitive prices to our customers on time with prompt after-­delivery service.

Environment Focussed

TPS exhibits its commitment by minimizing environmental impact. We do this by purchasing from responsible vendors, recycling/re‐using production materials, and focusing on efficiency in facility fixtures, electronic communications and product design.


Our products meet the CE and UL Certification Standards and we are working on RoHS compliance for environmental safety standards.

Testing Process

Every product is inspected using our internal process of product testing which assures us 100% reliability. Random testing is conducted on all our products before the dispatch of material to our customers to ensure reliability.


Unique documentation process is adhered to in manufacturing which ensures transparency, assuring our customers of real time standards and proper quality assurance during manufacturing.