Toroid Transformer

Toroidal Transformers, by meeting today’s requirements for smaller, more efficient, quieter and safer products, are being accepted in an increasing range of electronic and electrical equipment With toroidal transformer smaller dimensions, lighter weight and low stray magnetic fields , you can build more compact, lower cost quality products without sacrificing performance.

Toroidal has a round shape with no air gaps, and with the primary and secondary windings uniformly distributed around the core,” locks in" the magnetic field and makes the toroidal transformer very quiet and efficient. Toroidal transformers are built around a ring-shaped core, which, depending on operating frequency, is made from a long strip of silicon steel or permalloy wound into a coil, powdered iron, or ferrite core.

We make wide range of Toroids based on customer specifications. We provide center potted, plate mounted, clamp mounted and many other types of Toroids on customer specifications.

  • High precision winding with Jovil and Ruff machines.
  • High quality M4 27 CRGO core used
  • Class H+ 200 Deg C Dual coat Enameled copper wires used
  • UL approved
  • Center potting provided for better cooling and fixing
  • Tailor made according to customer specs
  • TYCO, PANDUIT and MOLEX connectors and crimps used for UL approved models
  • Custom made parts are designed and developed to meet specific requirements.
  • We follow Indian and UL standards.
  • We can provide UL 5085-1 and 5085-2
  • We can make our product compatible with all international standards
  • Used medical and audio equipment
  • Used in voltage stabilizers
  • Used in electronics circuits
  • Used in power supply units
  • Used in variacs
  • Used in high precision equipment